Open House and May 2017 Farmers Markets & Events

Spring has sprung and with that some exciting Spring Farmer’s Markets and of course Lunar Rhythm Gardens Open House! We can’t wait to see you on May 27th, from 10 am until 4 pm!  Bring some friends along to visit the farm.  Enjoy the fresh air while learning all about our way… Read More

The greening of Lunar Rhythm Gardens!

Hello, Friends of the Farm! Lots of little seedlings growing on the farm – destined for 2016 Summer CSA and farmers’ markets in Port Perry and Lakefield!  As predicted – the greenhouse is getting greener… Its been a blast from the past having Karen back as a teamster/intern this year…. Read More

Signs of Spring!

Hello, Friends of the Farm! This past week – Jess was out picking up supplies in Elmira for the start of the growing season; potting soil, cell packs and web trays.  And yes – the celeriac and celery have sprouted!  Onions, leeks and more have been sown too.  I guess… Read More

Mini Market Saturday, January 23

Hello Friends of the Farm – Here we are in mid-January, and the selection for our mini markets is still going strong! Here’s a picture of Kitty Cat sunning herself in the tree 🙂 Here’s what we have for this weeks, mini market on Saturday, January 23rd. Please get your… Read More

We are Now Certified Organic!

 Lunar Rhythm Gardens is now Certified Organic!! Hello, Friends of the Farm! Good news:  Lunar Rhythm Gardens is now Certified Organic!!  To celebrate we are having a sale for our mini market this Saturday, January 9th from 10 am till 4 pm.  Please email your orders in by Thursday morning, January… Read More

Wear is the snow?!

Hello, Friends of the Farm! The weather is not wintry at all around here.  Who knows if or when we shall ever get frost, let alone snow.  But on the bright side, Dime is happy with the warm weather, especially inside the new greenhouse.  Here he is taking a nap… Read More

Farm to Fork Greens

It has been such beautiful weather this fall, we certainly can’t complain!  Here is Sophie harvesting in her shirt sleeves a week ago Thursday. Hard to believe she is gone now…  Merci for all your help, Sophie! And if you haven’t tasted the greens yet this year, you’d better get… Read More

Halloween Antics

We spent the week harvesting more veggies to put into storage.  We now have some Jerusalem Artichokes available to order, see Jamie Oliver’s recipe for the details on this nutty veg. We also celebrated Halloween!  Here are the boys all dressed up for the occasion: Its time for another Mini… Read More

How to get fresh produce this winter!

Its been a while since we’ve updated you on the comings and goings at Lunar Rhythm Gardens, so here goes! Now that fall has definitely shown its colours, and the CSA has wrapped up for summer – we are looking ahead to our Winter CSA, which starts October 24th and… Read More

Strawberries and Kale are here!

The farm was busy this week having hosted a school group & CRAFT Day in one week!   BJ helped to haul the potatoes up from the root cellar – it was so wet the wagons couldn’t go! Strawberries are here! Our sweet potatoes went in the ground this week!… Read More