A warming trend?


Margie waterin greenhouseWe have a few warm things to tell you about this week.  As you can see the warmth of the greenhouse is helping the seedlings along.  We are up to our ears in tiny plants!





Final boiling of sap

And don’t let the snow deceive you – the fire was nice and warm!  We finished boiling the sap down last week – and even had a pancake breakfast.  Jeanne treated us to some maple taffy in the snow (sorry no pictures – you would drool all over your keyboard).  Yum.

And now that the weather has decided to warm up, we have to keep a close eye on the greenhouse and hoop house, so the seedlings and transplants don’t get too warm!  Penny and Missy have been helping to get rid of some unwanted guests that have decided the hoop house is warm enough for them too.  Good bye mice!  And we have been busy transplanting out some of the lettuce, pak choy and kohlrabi into the hoop house.  It is starting to look green again.

If the warming trend keeps up – we might even get out into the garden this week…  That’s cautious optimism, in case you couldn’t tell.

See you all soon – Open House May 11 from 12pm till 4pm.