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About our CSA

What is a CSA?


Community Shared Agriculture is a concept in which the consumers get a variety of high quality, fresh vegetables at an affordable price, while supporting small scale, environmentally and community oriented food production.

CSA is a way to experience directly how food is grown & re-establish a social community around food ; a mutually beneficial partnership between farmers and consumers.  CSA is also a way to keep local money in the local community and reduce your environmental footprint.

CSA is a shared risk model

The farmer works hard to ensure a bountiful harvest and plants a large variety of vegetables, however sometimes weather, disease, or pests will affect the harvest. Members agree to share this risk with the farmer. This provides security to the farmer and the consumer.

By signing up for a CSA, share members receive a bounty of our fresh, locally grown organic vegetables weekly throughout the growing season.

We proudly offer a Spring, Summer, and Winter CSA covering the months of mid March to January.

Our Organic vegetables contain:

      • NO pesticides
      • NO herbicides
      • NO fungicides
      • NO synthetic fertilizers

Choose 1 or more of our CSA Offerings – Sign up today!:

See Lunar Rhythm Gardens Brochure (pdf)