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Know all about the CSA model, we have two ways for you to joinfresh vegetables

Our CSA is unique because we are able to offer CSA boxes with full customization based on seasonal availability working with the Harvie Platform! We also offer weekly and bi-weekly pick ups for your convenience.  As well as the ability to move a share and double up on a future week so you don’t lose your box and can plan ahead for holidays additionally we have various Pick-Up Locations, across the Kawartha and Durham Region.


Join our CSA online with Harvie!

How to Join with Harvie

  1. Join our CSA Online through the Harvie website.
  2. Choose your pick up location.
  3. Set your veggie preferences with customized boxes based on what YOU want! Not a fan of beets? Want to eat all the carrots? Customized boxes will allow you to select preferences at sign-up and then customize each week based on our harvest. This will help you actually use everything in the box because you’ll love everything you are getting!
    Reduce Food Waste – Food waste is the #1 reason folks don’t return to a CSA and we want to fix that! Because you are getting what you want, you’ll see less food getting tossed or composted which is going to ensure you are getting the biggest bang for your buck.Order “Extra” Items – Want to order “extra” items from the farm? With just a few clicks of a button we’ll put those items in your box which means less trips to the grocery store and more time in your day!
  4. Weekly Payment Plans – Tired of remembering to make payments or can’t pay in full? Choose the payment plan at check out and your card will be charged automatically each time your share order is filled.Vacation Holds – Vacation planned? Need to change your pick up location? No problem. You can easily reschedule your box or change pick up locations to accommodate your busy life, so no more missing out on those veggies you paid for.
  5. Pick up Your Share and enjoy!

Recipe Suggestions

Fridge full of food but nothing for dinner? We’ve got you covered. Harvie is working hard to provide you with recipe suggestions, cooking tips, storage, and food prep resources so you won’t be scrambling to get dinner on the table.

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Join with Paper Registration

How to join with paper registration

Important to note:

The paper registration option offers the CSA without the ability to customize your share. 

Summer CSA

2021 Summer CSA Registration Form in printable PDF format.
To register for the Summer CSA using the PDF registration form, please send a non-refundable payment of cash or cheque for $100. Cheques must be made out to Jessica Foote. The remainder of the balance is due by the first pick up of the current CSA year.

Winter CSA

2020 Winter CSA Registration Form in printable PDF format.
To register for the Winter CSA using the PDF form, please send a non-refundable payment of cash or cheque for $100. Cheques must be made out to Jessica Foote. The remainder of the balance is due by September 1st of the current CSA year.

Mail to:

Lunar Rhythm Gardens
253 Gray Road
Janetville, ON L0B 1K0

What Can you Expect from your CSA Share?

Summer CSA

When purchasing an organic summer CSA share, members receive a basket of fresh, organic and locally grown vegetables once a week during the growing season, and a real connection to their food and farmer. Visit our About page for more details on the CSA model.

The program season has averaged 18-21 weeks (nature allowing) from mid-June to late October. For 2021, the season is estimated to start June 6th to October 16th!  

We have Pick-Up Locations  on farm, Peterborough, Lindsay, Port Perry and Bowmanville.

More sample photos coming soon.

Throughout the season your CSA box will shift with the season, bringing different flavours each week!

Some of what you can expect:

Green Onions Green Beans Peppers
Radishes Leeks Eggplant
Pac Choi Tomato Rutabaga
Kohlrabi Corn Turnip
Salad Greens Kale Chinese Cabbage
Head Lettuce Swiss Chard Celeriac
Broccoli Cucumbers Herbs
Cauliflower Peas Garlic
Parsley Shallots Watermelon
Carrots Onions Cantaloupe
Beets Potatoes Strawberries
Fennel Zucchini Rhubarb

Winter CSA

Yes you can continue to enJOY our fresh organic produce into the winter season! The winter program season runs from mid-October to late January with bi-weekly pickups.

There is limited supply of winter share portions so be sure to sign up early to continue to enJOY locally grown, organic veggies that are full of flavour!

Visit our About page for more details on the CSA model.

Winter CSA Details – Join Our CSA Today!

  • Winter CSA Half Share – priced at $280.
  • Winter CSA Full Share – priced at $525

green cabbage

More sample photos coming soon.

Some of what you can expect:

Dried Herbs Beans Hot Peppers
Storage Radish Parsnips Carrots
Sweet Potato Jerusalem Artichoke Potato
Onions Winter Squash Winter Greens
Root Parsley Beets Cabbage
Brussel Sprouts Leeks Garlic
Kohlrabi Rutabaga Celeriac

Spring CSA

The Spring Basket runs from late march to mid may. We provide an early spring bounty once every 2 weeks, for $40 per basket.

Some of what you can expect:

Dried Beans Spinach Sprouts
Frozen Goodies Wild Leeks Arugula
Kendal Hill Mushrooms Carrots Beets
Rutabaga Potatoes Parsnips
Cabbages Celeriac Purple Top Turnip

Click here to learn more and sign up!