A warming trend?

Margie waterin greenhouseWe have a few warm things to tell you about this week.  As you can see the warmth of the greenhouse is helping the seedlings along.  We are up to our ears in tiny plants!





Final boiling of sap

And don’t let the snow deceive you – the fire was nice and warm!  We finished boiling the sap down last week – and even had a pancake breakfast.  Jeanne treated us to some maple taffy in the snow (sorry no pictures – you would drool all over your keyboard).  Yum.

And now that the weather has decided to warm up, we have to keep a close eye on the greenhouse and hoop house, so the seedlings and transplants don’t get too warm!  Penny and Missy have been helping to get rid of some unwanted guests that have decided the hoop house is warm enough for them too.  Good bye mice!  And we have been busy transplanting out some of the lettuce, pak choy and kohlrabi into the hoop house.  It is starting to look green again.

If the warming trend keeps up – we might even get out into the garden this week…  That’s cautious optimism, in case you couldn’t tell.

See you all soon – Open House May 11 from 12pm till 4pm.




April is here! So is the snow…

Lenny and Grey in bush

This week we’ve been pretty busy making our new team feel welcome.  Lenny is a 12 year old Belgian stud who seems to love to please.  Mr. Grey is a 7 year old Percheron who is slow and steady and very willing to learn.  They are making a great training team for new teamsters!  Calvin and Peg took me to work on Wednesday.  They behaved great on the road and they’re conditioning seems to be coming along well, since they managed a 12 km trip without any problems.  This week we also took Calvin and Lenny to the bush and they performed brilliantly pulling out logs singly.






Calvin and Lenny on roadLenny pulling out logs

boiling sap with kids  We also started boiling the sap down with the help of some small friends.


This week we will be doing more seeding and potting out the new seedlings.  We have some pork available if you are interested, and of course the tail end of the onions, parsnips and beets.  Contact us if you’re interested.

Lastly – check us out on Facebook!  You can search for Lunar Rhythm Gardens if the link does not take you there.  Looking forward to seeing you there!




Hello again!  Seems like we might have found spring…  the sap has been running again, and so there is one more job to do this week; checking the buckets for sap.  We have also been taking the team back to the bush and picking up the last of the root veggies in cold storage at the same time.  Out with the old and in with the new!

The greenhouse is looking green again – lots of seedlings ready to go into the high tunnel.  And there will be more seeding again this week.

greenhouse March 20 2013












In the meantime, John has been busy getting the “bumble bee” wheel barrow ready – you’d be hard pressed to miss it out in the garden!

bumble bee wheel barrow












Also, Jessica loaned out her BCS rototiller to the Sustainable Agriculture class from Fleming College last week for some maintenance.  The interns from Lunar Rhythm Gardens went along and learned lots about small engines and irrigation systems along the way.  It was a great event!

small engine maintenance Fleming College

Happy birthday Patty!

Patty and mother

A sure sign of spring: yet another calf on the farm.  This heifer has been named for St. Patrick’s Day – welcome Patty!  We have been busy this week keeping the greenhouse warm, which of course means cutting more wood, and keeping an eye on the temperatures – easier said than done, right?  Where is spring?





jess jeanne anna maple tapping march

The cool weather has interfered with maple syrup season as well.  When we took the team back to check on the sap, there was some ice in the buckets!  Hopefully we will get some warmer weather to get the sap flowing again…  The high tunnel is now ready for some crops as well – pictures to come.

On Saturday, May 11, Lunar Rhythm Gardens will be hosting an open house.  Keep your eyes on the website for more information.  In the mean time, please save the date!

Welcome to 2013!

Welcome Davida!

Welcome Davida!


We have been very busy over the winter preparing for the 2013 season.  The winter CSA finished up in January, although we do still have some carrots, beets, parsnips, potatoes and onions left in cold storage!  There are also some greens still going strong in the greenhouse – spinach, Claytonia, swiss chard, kale, tatsoi, purple frills mustard greens; if you would like some, please let us know by Friday, March 15 – pick up is on Saturday March 16 from 12 to 3 pm.  Milk fed veal and fresh beef will also be available March 16.

As for what’s new, we have some new interns on the farm – Jeanne has come to us from Quebec and is interested in learning about farming with horses, and Karen has just returned from Costa Rica and is looking for a break from teaching English as a second language.  The greenhouse started on March 1 and so far we have onions, celery, celeriac, leeks, beets, kale, broccoli, cauliflower, pak choy and lettuce – and the list goes on!  Jess has been busy cutting up wood to keep the greenhouse toasty warm for the seedlings.  The first calf of the year arrived on March 7 – Jess’ Dad David’s birthday – and has been named Davida, as it is a heifer.  As you may know, it is maple syrup season – and the interns have decided to make some syrup this season.  So Peg and Calvin have been taking us back to the bush to collect sap since Saturday.  Last of all – we are sorry to say that we lost our good friend Torque on March 1.  I’m sure he would have been happy to be part of the team to take us back to the bush.  On the bright side, Peg and Calvin have adjusted well to working together as a team.

There are still some shares available for the 2013 season.  If you or anyone you know is interested or wants more information, please contact Jessica!  We look forward to keeping in touch with you over the course of the season.  Please check back each week to see what’s new at Lunar Rhythm Gardens.

Take care and smile!


Hide & Seek

Jessalynn was playing peekaboo in the doors of the Happy Hen House! What fun. It’s almost completed.


The Hoophouse Growing

The greenhouse is greening up, so beautiful.


We had a fun outdoor easter egg hunt on the farm! Jessalynn wasn’t too sure about colourful eggs.


Sam Driving the Torque & Calvin


Torque & Calvin with Sam at the reins!


Calvin & Torque take to the bush!