Setting the seedlings free!

Hello Again, Friends of the Farm! Our next mini market is Saturday, April 23rd!  It is the LAST mini market of the season…  You’re on your own till Lakefield Farmers’ Market, Thursday, May 26th or Port Perry Farmers’ Market, Saturday, June 4th!  Or you can get a Certified Organic Summer vegetable share, and… Read More

The greening of Lunar Rhythm Gardens!

Hello, Friends of the Farm! Lots of little seedlings growing on the farm – destined for 2016 Summer CSA and farmers’ markets in Port Perry and Lakefield!  As predicted – the greenhouse is getting greener… Its been a blast from the past having Karen back as a teamster/intern this year…. Read More

Signs of Spring!

Hello, Friends of the Farm! This past week – Jess was out picking up supplies in Elmira for the start of the growing season; potting soil, cell packs and web trays.  And yes – the celeriac and celery have sprouted!  Onions, leeks and more have been sown too.  I guess… Read More

Wear is the snow?!

Hello, Friends of the Farm! The weather is not wintry at all around here.  Who knows if or when we shall ever get frost, let alone snow.  But on the bright side, Dime is happy with the warm weather, especially inside the new greenhouse.  Here he is taking a nap… Read More

Cold and Crisp

Although it was a wintery day today, it was a beautiful sunny day to go back to the storage bin and collect this week’s veggies.  It occurred to us that we had never really posted any pictures of the storage bin.  Nestled into a hill adjacent to one of the… Read More

Our little helper

She may be wet – but the plants got some water too!

Some Winter Photos

Hi folks! We have our first five customers secured and we have just put in our seed order. We’re busy trimming the horses hooves, finishing up our heated greenhouse, drawing up garden maps, and spreading the good word! Here are some more photos of the Lunar Rhythm team as well… Read More

Work Bee Photos