Cold and Crisp

Miscellaneous Pictures

Although it was a wintery day today, it was a beautiful sunny day to go back to the storage bin and collect this week’s veggies.  It occurred to us that we had never really posted any pictures of the storage bin.  Nestled into a hill adjacent to one of the back fields, the storage bin is usually accessed with the horses.

Lenny and Mr. Grey were eager to get out and exercise today; they all but jogged to the back, which is not their usual behaviour.  After a tour around one of the fields, they settled back into their slow and steady pace.  The fields are a great place for beginners like Margie to practice her driving skills.

The veggies are actually stored in a shipping container that has been buried into a hill and well insulated to keep it cold in the summer and above freezing in the winter.   Here is a picturesque shot of the storage bin from afar.

Don’t forget about our on-farm pick up day this Saturday, November 30.  We’d love to see you!  And if not this week, you can still get your fresh veggies and farm raised meat before the holidays – we are having another on-farm pick-up day on Saturday, December 14.  Get your orders in before Thursday, December 12!