Come and visit us!

We have not been idle these past few weeks, if you can believe it.  Garden planning is upon us once again – and we have endeavoured to keep your comments and requests in mind.  The seeds were ordered and have begun to arrive.  In the next couple of weeks we will be starting our onions, leeks, celery and celeriac.  Hard to believe!
The days are getting longer though, and the warm sunshine gives me hope that spring is just around the corner.

Both teams of horses have been out playing in the snow; there sure is alot of it!  Missy came along of course, as did Dime, who would have gotten lost in the snow, so he took his first sleigh ride!

Thanks to all those who have mailed or dropped off their deposit for the 2014 Summer CSA – we have put your funds to good use to purchase seed and supplies for this coming season!  Have you signed up for your 2014 Summer CSA yet?

If you’re in need of some veggies, meat or any of our farm products – please let us know by Monday, February 17th.  We apologize, there may not be any greens available – we are waiting for them to recover from the deep freeze.  Here is a list of what is available:

Carrots $1.35/lb
Beets  $1.50/lb
Potatoes $1/lb
Rutabagas $3/lb
Onions $1/lb
Depending on availability:
Kale $3 for small bags, $5 for large bags
Mesclun $3 for small bags, $5 for large bags
Spinach $3 for small bags, $5 for large bagsJars of pesto (made by Backyard Bounty from our own farm products) $6.50 each
Bars of soap (made by us from our own farm products) $4 each
Jars of honey $11/1 L, $6.50/500 mL, $3/250 mL
Lunar Rhythms Solar Dance cookbooks available $20 each

Half veal $7/lb
Veal piece meal
Quarter beef $5.50/lb
Beef piece meal
Chickens whole and half $7/kg
Stewing hens $8 each
Sausages, bacon, peameal bacon
Pork piece meal
Eggs $3.50/dz
Lamb (chops, sausage and burger)

Cheers and Smile!