Apple CSA Registration

Sign up here for our NEW  Prima Orchard Apple CSA  with our Apple CSA Registration form (pdf)

While members certainly share in the bounty of Prima Orchard, they also share in the risk.  Every season offers us something new in terms of climactic conditions, which affects pests and diseases. This being said, while Prima Orchards aims to grow a wide variety of fruits, they cannot guarantee any specific varieties until they are harvested.

  • Apple CSA is priced at $50.

Fruit Varieties

Apple Varieties include:

  • ApplesMcIntosh
  • Cortland
  • Honeycrisp
  • Novaspy
  • Lobo
  • Idared
  • Jonagolds
  • Spartan
  • Wealthy
  • Yellow Transparents
  • Vista Bella
  • Pristine
  • Prima
  • Golden Delicious
  • Golden Russets


  • Bartlett
  • Anjou
  • Clapps

Tart cherries also available.

As a general rule, Prima Orchard wants the fruit to be acceptable for us to eat right off the tree.  Here are the practices they follow:

  • No herbicides or any materials to control weeds and green grass – mowed the old fashioned way
  • Pruning is done by hand
  • Natural cow fertilizer – nothing has been added and no chemical fertilization whatsoever
  • No drip irrigation with any growth regulators or chemicals in it
  • Calcium water spray on Honeycrisp trees as they need the extra calcium for growth and healthy trees otherwise the apples rot on the tree.  Commercially it’s about 12 sprays a season, we use 3.
  • Salt application every year
  • Boron spray once a year – it’s on the organic growers list
  • Imidan – a pesticide.  The field is monitored and if there is a need, it is applied.  Last season there were 2 applications all season (72 days from the earliest harvest) and half the minimum amount recommended on the label was applied.

Pick-up for the Summer CSA is at one of 4 locations:

  • Lunar Rhythm Gardens, 253 Gray Rd. Janetville, Tuesdays and Saturdays 11 am – 6 pm
  • 2444 Baseline Rd, Baseline Community Centre, Bowmanville, Tuesdays 5 pm – 7 pm
  • Lakefield Farmers’ Market,  parking lot of the Lakefield-Smith Community Centre, beside Isabel Morris Park, Thursdays 9 am – 2 pm
  • 170 Casimir St., Port Perry, Fridays 4 pm – 6 pm

To register for the 2016 Apple CSA,  please send a non-refundable payment of cash or cheque for $50 with your registration form. Cheques must be made out to Jessica Foote.

Mail to:

Lunar Rhythm Gardens
253 Gray Road
Janetville, ON L0B 1K0
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