Farm to Fork Greens


It has been such beautiful weather this fall, we certainly can’t complain!  Here is Sophie harvesting in her shirt sleeves a week ago Thursday.

Hard to believe she is gone now…  Merci for all your help, Sophie!

And if you haven’t tasted the greens yet this year, you’d better get on that!  From farm…

to fork…

Kyle has done an amazing job.  All they need is a drizzle of dressing – or you know, some other salad type stuff wouldn’t hurt 😉

Its time for another Mini Market!  This Saturday, November 21st from 10 am till 4 pm.  Please get your orders in by Thursday, November 19th!

  • Cabbage $3
  • Regular kale $3/bunch
  • Dino kale $3/bunch
  • Red kale $3.50/small bag, $5.50/lrg bag (limited)
  • Swiss chard $3/bunch
  • Head lettuce $2.50/head
  • Greens $3.50/small, $5.50/lrg (mesclun, arugula, spinach, claytonia, tatsoi)
  • Rutabaga $1/lbs  (Please give me an idea of size when ordering!)
  • Cooking onions $1.50/lbs
  • Jerusalem Artichokes $4/lbs
  • Winter Squash $3/each (We have butternut & acorn left)
  • Parsley curly $1.50/bunch
  • Root parsley $2.50/bunch
  • Potatoes $1.50/lbs (orders under 10lbs) $1.25/over 10lbs
  • Carrots $1.75/lbs  rainbow & regular
  • Brussels $5/lbs
  • Cilantro $1.50/bunch
  • Radishes  $1.50/bunch  (Variety is China Rose very pretty pink)
  • Spring Turnips $2/bunch  (the light pink ones)
Don’t forget  to order your farm fresh products:
  • eggs $4.25/doz
  • honey $7.50/small, $12/lrg
  • apples $1.25/lb (Spartan, Golden Delicious and Russet)
For meat we still have:
  • Half chickens
  • Veal steaks
  • Beef roasts
  • Pork (pork chops, ham steaks,  hot Italian sausages, fresh ham roasts)
  • Yellowlees lamb – please place an order early so that they have time to drop the order off! (ground lamb, lamb sausages, honey garlic patties, chops, shanks, etc)
  • Ground beef

Please place orders by Thursday at the latest so we can have everything ready ahead of time!


Your farmer,