First Calf!


You could have blinked and missed the birth of this season’s first calf.  She obviously wanted to get out and stretch her legs… and then go back to sleep!

She has no name yet…  Perhaps you can give us some suggestions?
In the meantime, we have been seeding away feverishly in the greenhouse.

The nightshade family started growing today: tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, tomatillos and ground cherries; along with some lettuces, broccoli, cauliflower and pak choy.
The cold weather is likely going to delay the planting of the onions in the garden, although they have made their way into the high tunnel already.  And the high tunnel will soon be ready for the spring planting of greens!  Hard to believe it is April already…

We’ve got fresh smoked ham roasts and whole or half chickens that would feed everyone at the table this Easter.  We can also order spring lamb from Yellowlees Family Farm.  There are freshly arrived sausages in a variety of flavours: bratwurst, sundried tomato, mild Italian, honey garlic, regular and Octoberfest.

We will be having yet another on-farm mini market on Saturday, April 12th from 11 am until 4 pm (note that we have shortened the pick-up window).  Please get your orders in by Tuesday, April 8th.  Here is what we have available:

Beets $1.50/lb
Potatoes $1/lb
Rutabagas $3/lb
Onions $1/lb
Arugula $3 for small bags, $5 for large bags
Spinach $3 for small bags, $5 for large bags

Dried Herbs  $2 per bag (basil, sage and mint)

Jars of pesto (made by Backyard Bounty from our own farm products) $6.50 each
Bars of soap (made by us from our own farm products) $4 each
Jars of honey $11/1 L, $6.50/500 mL, $3/250 mL
Lunar Rhythms Solar Dance cookbooks available $20 each

Half veal $7/lb
Veal piece meal
Quarter beef $6/lb
Beef piece meal
Chickens whole and half $8/kg
Stewing hens $8 each
Sausages, bacon, peameal bacon
Pork piece meal
Eggs $3.75/dz
Lamb (chops, sausage and burger)

Cheers and Smile!