How to get fresh veggies, meat and other products this winter!

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Hello!  We have been busy getting the new hoop house enclosed so that we can provide you guys with winter greens!

We have also been taking the “Furraris” out to keep them in shape as well as to pick up the veggies from the cold storage bin.

If you are interested in some fresh veg, meat, eggs or extras over the winter – please contact us.  We will be having pick up days on Saturday, November 30 and Saturday, December 14.  Please let us know by email or phone what you would like by the Thursday before either pick up day.  Here is what is available:

Carrots $1.35/lb
Beets  $1.50/lb
Potatoes $1/lb
Rutabagas $3/lb
Onions $1.35/lb
Squash $ .80/lb
Leeks $2.50/lb
Brussel Sprouts $3/lb
Sweet Potatoes $1.75/lb
Kale $3 for small bags
$5 for large bags
Arugula $3 for small bags
$5 for large bags

Jars of pesto (made by Backyard Bounty from our own farm products) $6.50 each
Bars of soap (made by us from our own farm products) $3 each
Jars of honey $11/1 L
$6.50/500 mL
$3/250 mL

Half veal $7/lb
Veal piece meal
Quarter beef $5.50/lb
Beef piece meal
Chickens whole and half $7/kg
Stewing hens $8 each
Sausages, bacon, peameal bacon
Pork piece meal
Eggs $3.50/dz
Lamb (chops, sausage and burger)

We still have Lunar Rhythms Solar Dance cookbooks available – would make a great Christmas gift!  They are $20 each.

We also have Summer 2014 CSA shares available – would also make a great Christmas gift!
Cheers and Smile!