Happy birthday Patty!


Patty and mother

A sure sign of spring: yet another calf on the farm.  This heifer has been named for St. Patrick’s Day – welcome Patty!  We have been busy this week keeping the greenhouse warm, which of course means cutting more wood, and keeping an eye on the temperatures – easier said than done, right?  Where is spring?





jess jeanne anna maple tapping march

The cool weather has interfered with maple syrup season as well.  When we took the team back to check on the sap, there was some ice in the buckets!  Hopefully we will get some warmer weather to get the sap flowing again…  The high tunnel is now ready for some crops as well – pictures to come.

On Saturday, May 11, Lunar Rhythm Gardens will be hosting an open house.  Keep your eyes on the website for more information.  In the mean time, please save the date!