Happy New Year!


When I wrote you last, it was 2013 and winter had not even begun.  How things have changed in the last month!  The weather has dipped into new territory – making us question just how warm our storage bin would be when it is -30°C outside…  and whether or not the greens would survive such low temperatures.  Well we have good news!  The storage bin was a balmy 2°C and the greens are looking pretty good.

And there is more good news – a few new faces on the farm.

fanny's calf

Fanny had her calf on December 28 – he is currently going by Donut 2.0 or 2.0 for short.  He is the one in the front left corner.  He has a couple of mates as you can see; they are A and B although they sometimes get nicknames – none have stuck yet.  Any suggestions?

As for what we are up to on the farm – we have been looking for interns for the 2014 season.  We have also been working on a garden plan – mostly figuring out what veggies to include for the season.

Looking forward to seeing you again soon!  We are having another on farm market on Saturday, January 25 – we will keep you posted on what will be available.  In the meantime, we have lots of chickens – if you are interested, let us know.  Cheers!