In Memory of Penny


You may find it strange that this week’s update is dedicated to a dog…  But, to us she was no ordinary dog, and she went a long way to helping keep the farm running smoothly.

Some of you may already know that Penny died this week – something that was unexpected, and left us all feeling a bit nostalgic.  Here are a few of our memories of her.

I was in the garden pulling weeds this week, and kept expecting Penny to be sitting there patiently waiting for me to throw a weed for her.  Not just any weed – it had to be a big one; it just wasn’t worth her time and energy otherwise.  Sometimes, if you were really having trouble pulling a weed out, she would come over and start digging at the weed!  And then when you threw it, she would try so hard to catch it in the air, that sometimes she would do a flip.  She would usually land on all four feet, although sometimes not…

More recently, Penny had developed a certain obsession with the garden hose.  Last fall, just as the weather had begun to cool down, we would be rinsing vegetables and she would be trying really hard to eat the water coming out of the hose.  This was funny at first, but sometimes it just became frustrating; when you were actually trying to rinse a vegetable – and not a dog!  Not to mention that she would end up a cold, wet and shivering little dog that you refused to feel sorry for.

Penny also felt it was her duty to accompany the horses into the field and make sure they did their job.  She must have run every inch of the farm with the horses!

Penny will be missed.  She is surely tending the most pristine garden – full of weeds – in doggy heaven!

We invite you all out to a Weeding Bee on Saturday, August 24th – all day.  We will have a potluck dinner at 6 pm, if you would like to join us – please bring food to share, a chair and something to drink for yourself.  If that date does not work, you are always welcome to join us on our regular weeding days every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday.