In Training!


We took the took Torque and Calvin out for a sleigh ride, sausage cook out, slash firewood day. Introducing Calvin to his first day in a single hitch hauling logs! He was nervous but with the help of John and my dad, reassuring him by leading him while I drove, he managed to haul out a fair number of logs on his own. It will take a while before he gains the confidence to do any heavy hauling. However he did great none the less!

The next day he got to haul logs in a team with Torque and once again did a fantastic job. Not hard when you have the reassurance of such an experienced horse as Torque.

Moreover, leeks and onions will be started the 1st or the 2end of February. Depending on which day I get home from the Organic Conference in Guelph! Hard to believe we are already getting ready to start the second season!