Into the garden we go…


Well, we finally made it into the garden this week!   The onions are being planted, and they do look so beautiful all in a row.

Onion planting

Grow, onions!  Grow!

Meanwhile, the hoop house is becoming quite green:

IMG_1881 small

These are little baby kohlrabi, kale and pak choy.  Yum yum!

And of course there are many more seedlings waiting for their turn to go into the garden:

IMG_1833 small

The horses got lots of exercise last week, as well as some trimming.  Hopefully we will still find time to take them out each day for a walk around the block.  Lenny and Mr. Grey are coming along well; their stamina is increasing as they become more accustomed to working on the farm.  Talk to you again next week!


IMG_1888 small