Let me tell you ’bout the birds and the bees…


Quite a few birds (chickens and turkeys)


and bees


and a few goats


at Ian Critchell’s this last CRAFT day.  I’m sure most of the interns left his farm dreaming of how to convince their farmers to start making honey.  Ian had a wealth of information for us all and will continue to be a resource, I’m sure.  Thanks, Ian!

Our interns even got dressed up for the occasion.  It looked a bit like an alien invasion.


We come in peace.

And now on to the Pollination Celebration – which went really well.  Thanks so much to Sue Chan who gave a great talk on the importance of our wild pollinators, which included identifying some of the more common types of  pollinators, as well as learning simple actions we can take to help build an oasis for wild pollinators.


Sue compared our monoculture farming to parking lots – and suggested that rather than creating more parking lots (such as your green lawn), you could create an oasis – by planting a variety of flowering trees, shrubs and perennials that provide a food source for the bees throughout the season.  Dandelions are an important food source for wild pollinators in the early spring – so why not let them grow in your lawns and gardens?  Also try to stay away from pollen-less varieties of sunflowers, which create “false advertising” for hungry bees, since the flowers attract the bees, but provide no food.

The event also included some face painting for the kids (Merci, Martine!)


And of course a performance by the Sandy Pockets and our own interns, Ian and Alex, which had us all dancing!

IMG_0215 IMG_0285

Thanks to all who came out to support our event, including Farms at Work who helped to make this event possible.  We will keep you posted on the progress of our pollinator paradise!