Mini Market and CSA pick up Saturday, January 10


New Years wagon ride

Happy New Year!  We will be holding the first on farm mini market of 2015 on Saturday, January 10th.  Please get your order in to us by Tuesday, January 6th so that we can have it packed for you and ready to pick up.  There is a message from Kyle at the bottom of the email regarding the last order from Off the Grid Micro-Roaster; get your order in this week!  Please remember that all cheques are to be made out to “Jessica Foote”.  Here’s what we have available:

  • Squash $2 each
  • Garlic $1.50 each
  • Potatoes $1/LB
  • Carrots $1.50/LB
  • Beets $1.50/LB
  • Parsnips SALE – $1.50/LB
  • Rutabagas SALE – 99 cents/LB
  • Celeriac $1.25/LB
  • Cabbage $2 each – FIRST COME FIRST SERVE, so get your order in 🙂
  • Kale $2.50/bunch
  • Swiss chard $2.50/bunch


  • Beef – rump, round and blade roasts, ground beef, stew beef, T-bone, rib and sirloin steaks
  • Milk fed veal – scallopini, cutlets, T-bone steak, ground
  • 1/2 chickens
  • Ham roasts, ham steaks


  • Coffee by Off the Grid Micro-Roaster in Lindsay
  • Honey by Wren Lane Farms in Lakefield – 500 mL buckwheat and regular available – 1 L and 10 L must be pre-ordered for next pick-up
  • Soap by us!  Made from natural on farm suet, olive oil and essential oils
Message from Kyle:

I have recently been offered a very exciting opportunity to intern at the International Coffee Organization as an economist & statistician under the supervision of the ICO’s chief economist that will be based in London, UK. This is a huge opportunity as I will be able to apply my academic skills at an institutional level, assisting to develop macro-level policies to help influence sustainable coffee production around the world. In this role, I will be expected to collect primary statistical data by working with diplomat dignitaries from various coffee producing countries to develop reports that reflect the primary concerns and opportunities that are defining coffee production in each developing country. This internship will prove particularly beneficial for the PhD project proposal I am presently preparing that will assess fertilizer strategies for coffee producers in Central America that (if admitted into the program) will commence next fall in Montpellier, France – followed by field research in Costa Rica and Nicaragua.
Thus, with this exciting new opportunity, I unfortunately must make the hard decision to suspend my little coffee operation here in the Kawartha Lakes. With only roughly 25 bags (250g bags) of coffee left, I am trying hard to completely deplete my stock in order to finance the unpaid internship I will soon partake in. I am officially ending the roasting January 15th and hope you will purchase a bag of freshly roasted coffee at a discount price of $12.00 to help support my new professional adventure.
I presently have coffee remaining from Kenya – Kikai AA and from the Democratic Republic of Congo – SOPACDI COOP; or if you email at and tell me a little about how you brew your coffee (machine/method), what time of day you predominantly consume your coffee, and what you put in it – black, sugar, milk,etc, – then I can look at my personal stash of exceptional coffee to handpick a coffee that will match your specific preference.
Thank you very much to everyone for your continued support with Off the Grid Micro-Roaster, I hope you have enjoyed some of the coffees I offered since April 2014 as much as I have enjoyed sourcing and roasting each distinct coffee.
Kyle Gooch