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Putting Culture back in Agriculture

253 Gray Rd., RR# 2

Janetville, ON

L0B 1K0

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Help us enjoy our love of food and community by joining our CSA vegetable garden.


What is a CSA ?

Community Shared Agriculture (CSA) is a concept in which consumers get a variety of high quality, fresh vegetables at an affordable price while supporting small-scale, community oriented organic food production.

CSA is a way for people to experience directly how their food is grown. CSA is also a way for people to reestablish a social community around food – a mutually beneficial partnership of farm and member families.

Keep local money in the local economy and help reduce your environmental footprint.

How does it work

In order for the farmers to plan appropriate amounts of vegetables for the group of families, members need to sign up and pay their deposit (“seed money,” literally) as soon as possible in the new year. We will be purchasing our seeds in January.

Each week throughout the growing season we harvest the vegetables and have them ready for pick-up here at the farm at specific times.

We can also offer group drop-off’s for people to pick up their shares in town, if there is enough interest in that area. We encourage members in the same area to rotate driving responsibilities each week. If there isn’t already another member in your area, recruit one!

We welcome your involvement in the garden and invite helpers. We invite our members come out to the farm to assist in the sorting of the vegetables to ease the workload right before pickup times. It’s also a great way to see how it all happens and to get to know your farmers!

One full share is sized to feed 2 people or a small family.  A half share is sized for 1-2 people.  People are encouraged to consider buying multiple shares for more people.

The program is intended to run for 18 weeks from mid-June to late October, however, the season may run longer.

The CSA model is also a shared risk model. The farmer works hard to ensure a bountiful harvest, but sometimes weather, disease, or pests will affect the harvest. Members agree to share this risk with the farmer. This provides security to the farmer.


Veggies you can expect:

peas, beans, lettuce of all kinds, carrots, summer and winter squash, corn, spinach, potatoes, green onions, beets, cucumbers, many different varieties of tomatoes, Swiss chard, many kinds of Asian greens, broccoli and more




Jessica Foote has joined forces with Torque, Calvin and Peg, three draft horses, to bring you quality veggies.

Peak oil and environmental collapse are occurring. It is our aim to bring people together, emphasizing the relationships between people and the earth to move toward sustainability.



Born and raised on a farm near Janetville, Jess brings a lifetime of agricultural experience as well as four years spent logging sustainably with draft horses.  Jess is a natural when it comes to working with animals.  She is looking forward  integrating her interest in nutrition with community shared agriculture.