It was rather a wet day for onion harvest – but they had to come in to start the drying process.  Every little bit of help is nice when you have about 10 rows of onions to bring in…

We also had another CRAFT day this week, and we learned all about canning from Bernardin’s Chef Emerie Brine, and about fermenting and preserving from Durham Community Food Advisor, Eva Molnar and Naty Howard from rawllygood.blogspot.ca.  Thanks to Angela Nickle from f.N. Happy Farm for organizing a successful day of learning!

And while the big kids learned about preserving our farm’s bounty, the little kids discovered a new use for the canning tongs…

A good time was had by all!

To make room for our onions in the high tunnel – we had to relocate a few basil plants.  If you are interested in some bunches of basil – please let us know!