Open House this Saturday. Hope to see you there!


Hello again!  We have been busy with spring cleaning in anticipation of the Open House this Saturday, May 11 from 12 till 4 pm.  We are really looking forward to showing everyone what we’ve been up to!

This week, the horses have been out with Ian preparing the fields with harrows and discs.  Missy came out to help Peg and Calvin prepare the back field while Ian and Margie drove (she’s the little black speck leading the way down the field).


I know better than to complain about the warm weather – but we could use a little rain to go with it!  The fields have been so dry, that we had to be careful to keep the new transplants watered.  Jeanne and Alex spent Saturday setting up drip lines in the field.  And today the interns installed a knew micro-irrigation system to keep the greens watered this summer.

And we have a few new arrivals on the farm that I promised to introduce you to.  Without further ado:


Koala with Mom, Panda.


Tippy with Mom, Africa.

Then comes 007 (no picture yet).


Daddy (Long Legs) with Mom, Jessie.


Love Potion #9 with Mom, Cookie.

Lastly, Jessalynn found a new way to get around last week:


Cheers, everyone!