OTESHA- Our Biking visitors


We had a few people come by the farm to visit & volunteer. The OTESHA group was one of them. They came on a rainy day after a very challenging bike ride we picked them up outside of Port Perry. They helped plant our Tomatoes & Peppers & we all enjoyed a great meal over a campfire. It was great having a group of ecologically minded visitors. Before they left they read us this poem they wrote for us!


We were stranded in Port Perr by the side of the road

our biking legs all weary from a big & heavy load

storm clouds rolling in and all us getting cold,

you came to our rescue, by the truckload

As the stars came out twinkling,

we still had not an inkling,

of how to get moving before that clouds came a sprinkling.

Then your car came up in the dark of night,

shouting “Hey guys, are you looking for a ride?”

with tears of happiness the cyclists cried,

“How many of us can you fit inside?”

Soon behind came two farm trucks.

And we exclaimed t oeach other, “Holy Fxxxs!”

we pulled up to the farm, and out of the night

came a meal so epic it gave us a fright.

We could not believe it with all of our might,

“They could not be so generous” all of us said,

as we savoured it all a top the trailer bed.

cuddling in our sleeping bags, cozy & warm.

We rested safe & sound from the thundering storm.

When we woke in the morning we saw Connie & Jess.

They said, “Hey OTESHA! Are you ready for a tomatoe fest?”

we were glad to help with your workshare.

we planted those tomatoes with the outmost care.

The rows may not be straight.

But hey, those fruit will still taste great!

You blew us away with your offer of food.

mmm so delicious, it really heightened our mood.

Ok, we know we’re rambling, but we’re just scrambling

to sat to you “Hey Lunar Rhythm! You’re slammin’ !”