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  • Join as a CSA member for either Summer or Winter
  • Products are available at
    • Farmers Markets Port Perry  (New address OLD Mill in Port Perry)
    • Peterborough Farmers’ Markets – Saturdays 7am to 1pm
      Winter Indoors @ the Morrow building (136 Lansdowne St., Peterborough Ont. K9J 1Y6)
  • Open to small wholesale relationships
    • call and inquire directly with Jessica Foote (905) 986 – 9612

Each seasons production varies depending upon the weather and pest pressures.

Meat Products

How to Buy

If you are interested in purchasing our eggs and meats, there are a few ways to do it:

Farmers’ Market Pick-Up: Visit us at a farmers’ market, where we bring a variety of meats to choose from. In order to guarantee that you get exactly what you are looking for, you can contact us to pre-order in advance of pick up.

In Your CSA Box: CSA customers can request that a meat order be added to their bin.

Eggs, Chicken and Turkey

HensEggs are available at farm gate.  Hens are free run outdoors and fed our own grain, consisting of mainly of wheat, rye and barley mix.

Chickens are free run in our bank barn to keep them safe from predators. Chickens are fed veggies from the garden and our own grain, consisting of mainly of wheat, rye and barley mix. Whole & half chickens are available on a first come first serve basis.  Contact us for details.

Turkeys that are available in the fall are raised with outdoor access by Haywood Farms & Orchard, & Maureen.


EGGS Available on farm for $6.50/dozen
CHICKENS Call for pricing and availability –  on farm only!
Free run in our barn to keep them protected from any predators. They are fed greens from the gardens as well as our grain, consisting mainly of wheat, rye, and barleys mixes.
(available on a first come first serve basis)
STEW HENS $12/bird
Free run outside and fed our grain, consisting mainly of wheat, rye and barely mixes.
TURKEYS Raised at Haywood Farm & Orchards , or Maureen. Available for Thanksgiving & Christmas. Free run with access to outdoors. Call & inquire.


Cows on the farmOur beef is finished for three months on our own grain (although sometimes we need to buy grain) and our own high quality hay. Also available in piece meal. All piece meal cuts come wrapped and frozen.

We also raise grass fed beef – the whole animal must be spoken for with a down payment of $100 made upon ordering, as this is a special order. Available by the half or whole, please get orders in by May 1st . First come, first serve.

Please note that all cuts vary in size, and although we will try to find the closest size to your order, we are sometimes unable to do this.

Contact us for details.

Beef Steaks:

T-bone, Wing, Porterhouse $15.05/lb
Sirloin $14.00/lb
Ribs $12.00/lb
Cross Rib $8.55/lb
Blade steak $8.55/lb
Sirloin Tip Steaks $12.45/lb
Braising ribs $5.70/lb
Heart $6.10/lb
Tongue $6.10/lb
Oxtail $5.05/lb.
Suet $2.55/lb.
Liver $5.20/lb.

Beef Roasts:

Sirloin Tip
Rump Roast
Eye of Round $11.50/lb
Prime Rib $13.45/lb
Blade $8.55/lb
Brisket $8.55/lb
Cross Rib Roast $11.00/lb
Short Rib Roast $11.00/lb
Stew $8.40/lb.

Other Beef:

Tenderloin $22.00/lb
Ground Beef $8.40/lb.
Beef Bones $2.80/lb.


Available in whole or half animals with three months notice. Cutting and wrapping is not included in this price. Expect to pay approximately the same amount in processing (Whole pig at  $276 would cost approximately $276 to cut and wrap.) Smoking and sausages would cost extra). Please contact us to complete your order.

Also available in piece meal. All cuts come frozen and wrapped. Please note that cuts will vary in size and may not be the exact poundage requested. We will try our best to ensure you receive the closest size to your order.

Fresh Pork Cuts:

Whole Pork Loin $8.00/lb
Pork Chops $7.15/lb
Side Pork (green bacon) $6.90/lb
Tenderloin $15.00/lb
Butt Roast $6.90/lb
Butt Chops $6.90/lb
Back Ribs $8.80/lb
Spare Ribs $6.65/lb.
Ground Pork $6.75/lb
Pork hocks $4.60/lb.
Sausages $8.40/lb.
Shoulder Roast $6.85/lb.

Smoked Pork Cuts:

Bacon $8.40/lb
Peameal Bacon $8.40/lb
Sausages $8.40/lb
Ham Roast (bone in) $8.40/lb
Ham Roast (boneless) $8.50/lb
Ham Steaks $8.40/lb
Pork Bones $2.50/lb.