Pumpkins and Melons and Squash, Oh My!


We went on an expedition this week to see how close they were to being ready, and to find out just exactly how to tell when they are ready.  We could not believe just how big they were!  Last year, the melons didn’t really ripen, and the squash were so very small.  No worry about that this year!  As you can see Jessalynn and her mother have successfully found a ripe watermelon!

And the squash are almost the size of my head!  Here’s a hubbard and an acorn squash:


And the pumpkins won’t be very hard to find this year – they are already very big!

A very big thank you to all of you for your kind words regarding Penny.  It’s nice to know that she will be remembered fondly by you as well…

Don’t forget about the Weeding Bee this Saturday, August 24th – all day!  We will have a potluck dinner at 6 pm, if you would like to join us – please bring food to share, a chair and something to drink for yourself.  If that date does not work, you are always welcome to join us on our regular weeding days every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday.