Special on Sausage !


There is a limited amount of Oktoberfest and Regular sausages available for 4.10$/lb. (regularly 4.50$/lb)

Also, there are 20 Christmas Turkeys left, some will be ready Nov. 12th !

There is also humanely raised, milk-fed veal available. World class tenderness and taste available locally!

Pork available by quarters, halves, and whole!

Now that I have the business taken care of , I’ll let you know what I’ve been up to! Well the horses have been cultivating some fields for my dad, and helping me fetch compost and soil for next springs transplants.  I have been doing renovations on the horse barn, the CSA pick up room, as well as the greenhouse. The garden has been ploughed up and put to rest for the winter. Plans are in the works for a mobile hoop house, and some improvements on our irrigation system. And the garlic was planted on the 17th of October.

I am getting ready to prepare seed orders, and looking forward to a change of pace for the winter season.

Take Care, Jess                                                SMILE!