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Star Farm Petting Zoo

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Come meet all of our cute animals! Jessalynn, Jess’s daughter, and her friend Abbie, are offering petting zoo tours of the farm’s feathered and four-legged inhabitants.

We host petting zoo tours on Tuesdays and Thursdays. They generally last about an hour, and the cost is $25.

We host tours starting in May and going through to the end of October. You get to pet the animals, ask questions to our animal experts Jessalynn or Abbie, and enjoy a day at the farm. It is fantastic for kids!

Jess may have more to add to this section, as far as information about the tour, how it works, etc.
Or perhaps Jessalynn can take on the task of writing up the information she would like her future clients to know, so that they can have the best tour possible!

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