Start of Summer CSA 2015


Our CSA pick ups for the 2015 season start today Tuesday June 2nd.
How exciting for us here at Lunar Rhythm Gardens, we feel it truly marks the start of summer! (We know it is a few weeks away!)
Here are some pics of the Eggplants and Peppers being set free in the field! Calvin & Mr.Gray helped us haul them to the field. Calvin and Mr.Gray are also helping us stay on top of the weeds with their help row cultivating. There is an abundance after the welcomed rain we got on Saturday & Sunday.

20150529_125306 20150529_094219 20150529_095308

Also pictured here is our future Jersey girl born on Sunday, May 31st at Willo’Wind she will join us at Lunar Rhythm Gardens in Nov.-Dec. When she is weaned from her mama.


Cheers, Jessica