Mini Market Saturday, January 23

Hello Friends of the Farm –

Here we are in mid-January, and the selection for our mini markets is still going strong! Here’s a picture of Kitty Cat sunning herself in the tree 🙂


Here’s what we have for this weeks, mini market on Saturday, January 23rd. Please get your orders in by Thursday morning, January 21st! Early bird gets the worm 🙂

  • Garlic $2.50/bulb
  • Kohlrabi $4 each
  • Spinach small $3.50, large $5.50 (first come first serve)
  • Kale $3/bunch
  • Cooking onions $1.50/lb
  • Carrots $1.75/lb
  • Potatoes $1.50/lb OR $1.25/lb over 10lb
  • Acorn squash $3 each
  • Root parsley $1.50/lb
  • Winter radish (green meat or black spanish) $1.50/lb
  • Rutabaga $1.25/lb
  • Celeriac $1.25/lb
  • Jerusalem artichokes $4/lb
  • Dried beans $5/grocery bag – not shelled
  • Dried herbs $1.50/bag

Farm Fresh products:

  • Bar soap $4 each
  • Honey $7.50 for small


  • Pork: ground, pork bones, smoked ham roast, spare ribs, ham steak, honey garlic, maple and mild Italian sausage, back ribs, smoked pork hocks, bacon, butt chops
  • Beef: stew, ground, sirloin tip roast, liver
  • Milk Fed Veal: Rib steak, wing steak, Porterhouse steak, blade steak, sirloin steak, tenderloin, T-Bone steak
  • Yellowlees Lamb: ground, chop, honey garlic sausage and patties, kabob

We’ve already placed our seed order for the year, which means we need “seed money”! Be the first to get a crack at our Certified Organic Vegetable Share! Thanks for supporting local, sustainable agriculture!


Your farmer,