Setting the seedlings free!

Hello Again, Friends of the Farm!

Our next mini market is Saturday, April 23rd!  It is the LAST mini market of the season…  You’re on your own till Lakefield Farmers’ Market, Thursday, May 26th or Port Perry Farmers’ MarketSaturday, June 4th!  Or you can get a Certified Organic Summer vegetable share, and get your veggies every week starting end of May or beginning of June depending on Mother Nature’s mood…

No complaints about the weather this week!  The seedlings were eager to get out into the fresh air, so Jess has been cultivating (as always the dogs are ready to help out.)

So far, the onions, leeks, kale, Swiss chard and lettuce have made there way into the field!

Jeanne came to help too 🙂

We will be having another mini market this Saturday, April 23rd.  This week we are trying the Google Order Form again, with adjustments!

  • You should be able to select “none” if you choose to take an item off your order.
  • The meat now has amounts to choose from.
  • Unfortunately we have no way of automatically sending you a confirmation email, though you should receive a confirmation message once the form has been submitted – you can always email us with changes after it is submitted.
  • We will confirm by email before the mini market.

Please send us your order either by completing the form, or by sending an email byThursday morning, April 21st  – and your feedback on the form too!

Here is the link: Mini Market Order Form

Email us if you are having trouble – but just in case, here is a list of what is available this week:

Farm Fresh Vegetables:

  • Jerusalem artichoke – SALE! $3.50/lb
  • Root Parsley – SALE! $1/lb
  • Carrots (regular, rainbow & baby WASHED AND SORTED, as there were some not so nice ones last time…) – SALE! $1.50/lb
  • Potatoes, yellow – $1.50/lb
  • Rutabaga – $1/lb
  • Spinach – $6/large, $3.50/small
  • Claytonia – $6/large, $3.50/small

Farm Products:

  • Eggs – $4.25/doz.
  • Dried herbs – $1.50/bag
  • Dried hot peppers – $1.50/bag
  • Frozen peppers – $1/bag
  • Frozen Pesto – $2.50/container
  • Regular Honey Wren Lane Farm $7.50/500 mL $13/1 L
  • John Todd’s Wildflower Honey PLEASE PRE-ORDER:
    • Creamed Honey $6/jar (plain, chocolate, lavender, bee pollen, ginger)
    • Buckwheat honey $9/jar
    • Honey comb $6/each

Farm Fresh Meats:

  • Chicken – whole & halves
  • Pork- Octoberfest sausage, smoked ham roasts and steaks, smoked pork chops, back ribs, pork chops, ground, bacon, peameal bacon
  • Beef- ground beef, roasts (short rib, cross rib, sirloin tip), steaks (blade, porterhouse, wing, T-bone), marrow bones, suet
  • Milk-fed, humanely raised veal – scaloppini, cutlets
  • Yellowlees lamb – pre-order sausage, patties, ground and chops

Don’t forget to sign up for our 2016 Summer CSA! We have now confirmed our address for the Port Perry drop-off location: 170 Casimir St. in Port Perry. This year we are including an option for an apple share from Prima Orchard!  Starting in July/August and ending in October, you get 1 or 2 quarts of apples/pears/tart cherries. The cost would be $50 – email us for details!

Thanks for supporting local, sustainable agriculture!


Your farmer,