Signs of Spring!

Hello, Friends of the Farm!

This past week – Jess was out picking up supplies in Elmira for the start of the growing season; potting soil, cell packs and web trays.  And yes – the celeriac and celery have sprouted!  Onions, leeks and more have been sown too.  I guess that means you should all be signing up for your 2016 Summer CSA!  Get in touch for more details on where we are delivering to this season…

While Jess was in Elmira – she visited with some Percherons.  Sure sign of spring?  Knock kneed foals!

Foals in Elmira


We are having yet another Mini Market on Saturday, March 5th from 10 am to 4 pm.  Get your orders in by Thursday, March 3rd in the morning!

Here’s what we have:

Farm Fresh Vegetables:

  • Root Parsley – SALE! $1/lb
  • Carrots (regular, rainbow & baby WASHED AND SORTED, as there were some not so nice ones last time…) – SALE! $1.50/lb
  • Potatoes – SALE! $1.25/lb
  • Cooking onions (red and yellow) – SALE! $1.35/lb
  • Beets – $1.50/lb (mainly coloured baby beets)
  • Winter Radish (green and black) – $1.50/lb
  • Rutabaga – $1/lb
  • Spinach – $6/large, $3.50/small
  • Mesclun, claytonia, tatsoi – $6/large, $3.50/small
  • Kale – $3/bunch or bag
  • Swiss chard – $3/bag
  • Jerusalem artichoke – $4/lb

Farm Products:

  • Eggs – $4.25/doz.
  • Dried herbs – $1.50/bag
  • Hot peppers (dried) – $1.50/bag
  • Frozen peppers – $1/bag
  • Frozen Pesto – $2.50/container
  • Regular Honey Wren Lane Farm $7.50/500 mL $13/1 L
  • John Todd’s Wildflower Honey:
    • Creamed Honey $6/jar (plain, chocolate, lavender, bee pollen, ginger)
    • Buckwheat honey $9/jar
    • Honey comb

Farm Fresh Meats:

  • Chicken – whole & halves
  • Pork- chops, ground, pork hocks, fresh ham roasts, smoked ham roasts, peameal bacon
  • Beef- marrow bones, suet, ground beef, roasts, steaks
  • Milk-fed, humanely raised veal!

As always – if there is ever a problem with our product – or if you would like to know more about a product, please get in touch!  We can only improve with your help!

Don’t forget to sign up for our Certified Organic Vegetable Share!  Thanks for supporting local, sustainable agriculture!


Your farmer,

May Happenings



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Farm Happenings
We have had an incredibly busy two weeks! The remaining members of our crew arrived the first week of May. Welcome Colin & Amy!
We had an amazing Open House May 9th, with huge attendance. Thanks to Heather, Leah, & Aunt Helen for their tour guide skills!
And thanks, Jan, from Qi for Change, for offering up your skills in healing .
Chocolate Milk loved visiting with friendly new and familiar faces.
We will be contacting those of your who won draw prizes shortly. Thanks for attending and spreading the good word.
We welcomed some cute additions to the farm – Indian Runner Ducklings; Cool Runnings, Bannanee, & Robert Larmer.
We attended our first CRAFT (Collaborative Regional Alliance for Farmers in Training) at Wheelbarrow Farm. Enjoyed an awesome tour and an educational session on farm safety.
A few of us have also gotten another year older! Heather and John celebrated their birthdays with us this week!
Cheers, Jess

Open House — and free stuff!

IMG_0127 (2)IMG_0155IMG_0114 (1)IMG_0112 (2)

Our annual Open House will take place May 9th from 11am to 4pm.

There is SO much to do and see this year

FREE – Everyone who attends the Open House will receive a Tomato seedling to take home!

FREE – sign up for a share at the Open House and receive one dozen farm fresh eggs

We have baby calves that you can visit with.  Tour of the farm, the garden, and the hoophouses, and visit with the horses.

Also an vital part of the farm – meet our farmers and our growing team of interns for this season!

Available for purchase at the farm any time, and during the open house:

Eggs, Fresh Pork, including Bacon, Ham Steaks & Roasts, Sausages, Chops, humanly raised Veal, Beef, Potatoes, Parsnips, and local Honey !
Don’t forget to register for your share!
Winter CSA sign up will start in June however you can get your name on a waiting list if you drop an email or give us a call!

Hope to see all of you May 9th!


Learning on the Farm…

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We have been enjoying some amazing weather on the farm and it has allowed us to get down and dirty!

We have been blessed with some extra help from Fleming College students on Co-op placement and it has been awesome teaching them the ‘ins and outs’ of farming!

Jessalynn has started her flower seeds for the her portion of the market stall this year!

Have a great week!