Tomato Seedlings and Milk Fed Veal


We have extra heirloom tomato seedlings and would like to find  a good home for them.  So, everyone who has signed up to be a member has first dibs on our tomatoe seedlings.  While we will be growing a lot of tomatoes, there’s nothing like having a plant or two by your back door for a fresh salad garnish.  And it can be fun for the kids to have their own tomato plant to take care of for the summer!  For people who want more than one or two, the seedlings will be $1.00 each.  Some of the varieties include Druzba, Latah, Gardener’s Delight (Cherry), Early Yellow Czech, Beam’s Yellow Pear, and more.

We also have naturally raised milk-fed veal available to the public.  It will be sold by the half for a price of $7.00/lb of cut & wrapped meat.

Phone or e-mail to place your order today, or order some on our OPEN HOUSE – MAY 9th at Noon – we have limitted quantities!