Typical day in the barn


The farm is all a buzz  in anticipation of the first pick-up week for the summer CSA!  All our work is about to pay off.  Of course there is still lots of work to be done, we just add a new task to the list – harvesting.  To tell you the truth, Karen has already been doing it for 2 weeks.  She has been bringing the spring harvest to the Lakefield Market the past 2 Thursdays, and will be there again this week.  Hope to see you there some time!

We are busy as ever at the farm.  Jessica has spent alot of time finding the perfect combination of work horses to row cultivate the field.  It would seem that although Mr. Grey and Lenny are slow and steady, they may not have the precision of a horse like Calvin – which is a requirement for the job.  Perhaps with a little more practice, they will become the perfect team for the job!


So, there is this mother hen at the farm.   And she has a few chicks; not sure that she even knows how many there are.  You see, she is not a very good mama.  She is notorious for leaving a chick or two behind while she wanders off to graze under a hedge.  The other day, the following seen unfolded in the barn:


Mama and chicks, hanging out in the barn, enjoying the morning sunshine.


Mama seems surprised, how did that cow sneak up on her?  Time to get out of the barn!


Mama has forgotten to tell Chicken Little to come along…  Although when she does notice, she gives the poor little guy heck!  And curses at the cow a few times.


Poor cow just wanted to make new friends…  Better luck next time!

Don’t forget about The Place to Bee: A Pollination Celebration on June 8 at 3pm.  We are looking forward to being entertained by the Sandy Pockets and other musical guests.  Bring your chair, a snack to share and something to keep hydrated!  Suggested donation is $5.