Wear is the snow?!

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Hello, Friends of the Farm!

The weather is not wintry at all around here.  Who knows if or when we shall ever get frost, let alone snow.  But on the bright side, Dime is happy with the warm weather, especially inside the new greenhouse.  Here he is taking a nap 😉

Its time for another Mini Market!  This Saturday, December 19th from 10 am till 4 pm.  Please email your orders in by Thursday morning, December 17th!

  • Greens – $3.50/sm and $5.50/lg (spinach, Claytonia,  tatsoi, arugula, mustard greens, mesclun)
  • Kale & Swiss Chard  – $3/bunch
  • Head lettuce – $2.50/each (romaine, green & red leaf)
  • Acorn & Butternut – $3/each (very limited quantity of butternut)
  • Cabbage – $3
  • Kohlrabi (large storage) – $4/each
  • Leeks – $3/bunch
  • Potatoes $1.50/lb
  • Jerusalem Artichokes – $4/lb
  • Sweet Potatoes – $3/lb
  • Parsnips – $1.75/lb
  • Baby carrots – $2/lb
  • Rainbow & Regular carrots – $1.75/lb
  • Beets – $1.50/lb
  • Celeriac – $1.25/each
  • Rutabagas – $1/lb PLEASE TELL US WHAT SIZE
  • Cooking onions – $1.75/lb
Don’t forget to order your farm fresh products:
  • Eggs – $4.25/dozen
  • Honey – $7.50/small
  • Soap – $4/bar
  • Small packet dried herbs – $1.50 (sage, thyme, parsley, oregano)
  • Arm knit scarves to raise money for the Orono and Community Syrian Refugee Fund – $15 each of 3/$40

For all of you thinking about turkeys for the holidays – you will have to be patient 😉  We will post more information soon!

For meat we have:

  • Free Range GMO-free turkey!  Pick up Dec 23…  $3.75/lb
  • Whole chickens 3 to 5 lb each, half chickens
  • Veal (shank, rib steak, scaloppini, sirloin, cutlet)
  • Beef (sirloin tip roast, stew beef, brisket, braising ribs, marrow bones, liver)
  • Pork (fresh ham roasts, spare ribs, tenderloin, smoked pork hock)
  • Yellowlees lamb (ground lamb, lamb sausages, honey garlic patties, chops, kabob)
  • Ground beef

First come first serve so get your order in early…Place orders by Thursday morning at the latest so we can have everything ready ahead of time!


Your farmer,