Welcome to our new Blog!


Hi, everyone our new blog is finally up and running. Thanks to the folks at CMS Website Solutions we are heading into the new year with a new look, more available information online, and a far more user friendly Blog .  I hope all is well with everyone heading into the holiday season, and that everyones Christmas and New Years celebrations go well.

Here on the farm it’s chilly doing chores, and my horses (Peg,Calvin, and Torque) are getting a little bit of a break. Although, Mindy and Gini (our summer helpers) are still doing festive sleigh rides right now.

The calves are being weaned and new baby calves should start arriving in January, not really that far off.

I have all the seed varieties picked out for next year, and I am now just starting seed calculations. We will have some more fun  novelty veggies and fruits to try out like another variety of ground cherry, and white cucumbers. Don’t worry though we will stay focused on our staples!

Anyhow, cheers for now and we will talk in the New Year!