We’ve been busy!



I know, I know.  We are past the snow now…  but only a week ago we had some of this cold wet stuff falling from the sky!  Fortunately, Jessica and the team had worked hard to get things tucked in pretty well, so there were no casualties.

Moving on from that chilly thought, the cows were let out onto pasture last week, and they did it at a run.  They were so excited, they were jumping!


Fanny and her son, No Nuts do not look as excited, but they are containing it I’m sure:


As the weather warmed up last week, we uncovered the Brassicas to do some weeding.  And there were a few… missing!  Best we can tell, Penny found the culprit:

penny and mouse

We also have another calf to tell you about.  Toto is Dot’s son.  And there were even a few camera’s present at his birth!


I think that’s probably all for now.  Please keep an eye out for our next on farm event – a concert at the farm on June 8th.  Save the date!