Hello Everyone!

With four more winter drop offs left to go I think our winter CSA experiment has been doing quite well! Although I have to admit harvesting has been getting quite chilly now that winter has finally arrived. Hopefully, for next year we will be able to expand our numbers a little as we are installing some more effective winter storage for our winter root veggies.

Anyhow, I was going to suggest to all those storing winter crops to improve your storage:

1. Make sure you are rotating the freshest in and the oldest produce out.

2.Make sure that you are inspecting your stored veggies regularly, at least once a week, for mold or rot. If you catch a bad veggie quickly it will lower your risk of contaminating your other veggies.

3. Keep squash and onions in a cool dry location.

4. If you have a lot of root veggies, (ie.carrots, parsnips, beets) storing them in the basement in sand is the best way to keep them from going soft.

Hope this helps you keep your winter feast beautiful!

Cheers, Jess