Work Hard, Play Hard


We have a lot of projects to take care of this fall in addition to the harvest.  This is partly because we will be losing yet another intern soon and want to take advantage of the extra set of hands and also because the frost and the snow are coming, and we need to be prepared.

First of all, we were pouring cement into the horse paddocks so that Calvin, Peg, Mr. Grey and Lenny don’t have to stand in the mud in the spring.  So the cement truck came this week, and we worked hard to get it all into the right places.

Next we have a new hoop house to put up so that we can put a few more greens into the winter share and hopefully put more tomatoes in next year.  So we started work on that this week too.

Of course we had the weekly harvest to bring in as well.  Karen and Elgen found a couple of hearty potatoes in the garden…

As you may have guessed, although we work hard, we also play hard at the farm.  We know how to have fun!  Jess kindly offered to be the melon pitcher while Alex swung his shovel.  The results were explosive! (Don’t worry, they were rotten…)

All this fun and hard work may have made a few of us tired…

I would likely not have the responsibility of making this newsletter if I posted all the others napping too…

Finally, 2013 Winter CSA Registration has begun.  If you are interested in a share, you can contact Jess directly.  More info is available here.