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Some new calves


We’ve had a few calves born over the last few weeks… time for an update!

First we have Toad (mother is Horn):


Harvey, born on harvest day (mother is Betsy):


Chapelle (mother is Cocoa):


And last but not least, Willy!  Dave had to “free” Willy, since he was a breach birth, and came out back legs first:


Also – we had yet another CRAFT day today at Farmhouse Garden with Mike Lanigan.  Learned all about biodynamic and organic farming – and saw Mike’s extensive collection of Farmall tractors (I dare not publish the count).   Here we are learning about buckwheat and bees.


Mike is very passionate about his steaming pile of… compost 😉  As he should be!


I’ll end with something new – a Jessalynn-ism.  As we walked through the compost area, Dave cautioned Jessalynn not to step in a mud puddle and she answered, “That’s not a mud puddle, that’s a poo puddle!”