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March “Break”…


We have been busy this week – trying to keep the seedlings watered and warm, exercising the horses and entertaining the kids over March Break.  This meant a few late nights on the farm; but I wouldn’t have captured this great sunset otherwise!

We will be having another on-farm mini market on Saturday, March 29 from 11 am to 6 pm.  You must order in advance since we have limited amounts of produce this time of year, and have to take the horses to the storage bin to pick up the root vegetables.  Please get your orders in by Tuesday, March 25.

Here’s what we have available this week:

Beets  $1.50/lb
Potatoes $1/lb
Rutabagas $3/lb
Onions $1/lb
Garlic $1/eachDepending on availability:
Kale $3 for small bags, $5 for large bags
Mesclun $3 for small bags, $5 for large bags
Spinach $3 for small bags, $5 for large bags

Jars of pesto (made by Backyard Bounty from our own farm products) $6.50 each
Bars of soap (made by us from our own farm products) $4 each
Jars of honey $11/1 L, $6.50/500 mL, $3/250 mL
Lunar Rhythms Solar Dance cookbooks available $20 eachHalf veal $7/lb
Veal piece meal
Quarter beef $6/lb
Beef piece meal
Chickens whole and half $8/kg
Stewing hens $8 each
Sausages, bacon, peameal bacon
Pork piece meal
Eggs $3.75/dz
Lamb (chops, sausage and burger)

Cheers and Smile!