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Dandelion Day is THIS Saturday (May 30th)!!


What a great way to spend a day! ┬áSomething for everyone!! ┬áHeather and Kyle will be there – visit them at the Lunar Rhythm Gardens stand.

Dandelion Day is a celebration of nutrition and wellness as a companion to the Purple Onion Festival. It will be held at Seeds Of Change at George Street United Church Saturday May 3oth, 2015. Booths inside and out. Public attendance in support of local wellness and nutrition practitioners is what this is all about so there is no admission.

All Dandelion Day vendors and practitioners will be members of the Kawartha Loon Exchange and trading in the Kawartha Loon Local Currency.

Workshops on nutrition and wellness will be an integral part of the day, and we are hoping that many will enjoy the food at the Dandelion Cafe.