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Lunar Rhythm Gardens, July 2010 Newsletter

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Hi all,

A little bit late welcoming you to our 2010 season, but as it is better late than never.  I believe I have met most of you at least on one occasion, at least at drop offs.  If you have an on farm pick up feel free to come down and touch base at any time when I am in the field.  Or watch the horses in action if we are cultivating. 

Overall the garden has been doing fabulous.  Although, we have had a rough start with our hot and cold spells, and lack of rain.  Everything but our fall planting of broccoli and cauliflower is in the ground destined to produce fresh veggies for your table.  Hope everyone is enjoying the yield so far.  

Furthermore, I’d like introduce you all to this seasons helpers; Jane and Thomas, family friends, my aunt Helen, Gill,  a CSA member / volunteer, Margaret and Beatrice,  volunteers who are interested in working with the horses , and Kathleen.  You will probably meet them all at some point in the season.  I would like to thank them all for joining me this summer as well as my mom and dad, John, and of course all of our CSA members who make this garden possible.   Feel free to come out and join us in the garden at anytime and if anyone needs volunteer hours for high school, feel free to come down as well.

On another note, I would like to let everyone know ahead of time that I will be away for a week or so somewhere between now and the beginning of August, but only mother nature knows when. As I am excepting a new addition to the family.  Please be patient with our help.  I am sure they will handle everything well when I am away,  expect to see Gill at drops offs. 

Also, tentatively, we will be having another potluck/ garden tour / weeding bee the second or third Sunday in august (depending on when “nugget” [baby] arrives. )

If you have any questions or concerns please phone me at (905)-986-9612 or e-mail  and let me know how we are doing. 

Your input is very important to the development of the garden!

Please note we reuse egg cartons, plastic quart baskets, elastics, bread ties, and such.

We will also have new potatoes within a couple weeks. As well as Kale!

Suggested recipe

Mashed Potatoes, bacon (cooked and chopped), and Kale (steamed and chopped) all mixed together.

It’s a hit!

On a further note we will have chickens available within the next two weeks. Order yours in advanced !

And fresh milk fed free range veal is available now.